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Accelerator 22 - "Sci-fi air-hockey" - new ultra-low-cost directional electromagnetic accelerator technology - derived from the Kinetic Surfaces project (2021-2022)

Kinetic Surfaces - Digital displays that track and move real objects placed onto the screen's surface (2001-2021)

Flip-dot actuators and tangible displays - Ultra thin and light-weight digital screen technology (2009-2021)
Included in a UK Government showcase of the best of UK Digital Creativity (2015)

Programmable neon IoT display - (2016)

Touch sensitive memory muscle - Flexible robotic actuator based on shape memory alloy technology (2010)

Multitouch 3D display screens and the Fentix Cube - Multitouch, motion sensitive, and modular interactive cubes and other objects (2007-2010)

LED Eyes installation - LED display screens embedded with indexed eye images - allowing animation of the eyes in response to external movement (2005)

OLED wireless Smartwatch - Possibly the first ever OLED WPAN (Zigbee) smartwatch - demo'd at Nag Nag Nag nightclub in London (2004-2005)

Digital fashion and couture electronics - Collaboration with designer Alexander McQueen for a couture runway show in Paris (2004)

Multitouch Surfaces - Pioneering high-speed multi-touch and multi-object tracking touchscreens and surfaces (2001-2004)

Note: The background music was composed and performed on one of the multitouch surfaces demo'd in the video.

Internet-based virtual meeting platform - Extremely early 'Zoom-like' multimedia conferencing system with shared audio, video, and whiteboards - (I did the UX analysis) - (1992-1993)

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Andrew has worked in interface research for more than three decades - independently inventing and building new kinds of tactile user interfaces, smart objects, smartwatches, synthesisers, actuators, and knowledge management systems. As the inventor of early (i.e. pre-iPhone) multi-touch touchscreen technologies, he acted as an expert witness in the iPhone-related patent dispute between Apple and Samsung.

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Evolving spatial representations to support innovation and the communication of strategic knowledge - Andrew Fentem, Knowledge-Based Systems journal (1998)

Interacting with Multi-media, Multi-user Systems: Observations on Multi-Media Conferencing Tools - Andrew Fentem and Angela Sasse, ECCE-7 European Conference on Cognitive Ergonomics (1994)

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